Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table / Table Only

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About this item Sturdy pine wood Construction Measures 45” x 28” x 29” Easily assembled in minutes Table only/ does not include chairs Worry free 1 year warranty Designed to withstand up to 150 lbs

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10 reviews for Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table / Table Only

  1. Jeremy C.Jeremy C.

    So I ordered this table at the same time I ordered a bed frame from Zinus. They’re the first things I’d ever bought from them, and reviews for their products ranged from furious to glowing. I’m pleased to report that both the frame and this table exceeded my expectations.The table is very easy to put together — it took about 10 minutes. I liked how it looked in the product photos, but in person I think it’s even better. I think one of the reviews mentioned the legs were a pale green rather than white. That doesn’t seem quite accurate to me. The legs are cream-colored. Because of that, they can take on a yellow or greenish hue in certain kinds of light.Regardless, I think it’s a handsome table for a fair price, and it’s just right for a small or medium-sized apartment.

  2. DihiersDihiers

    Looks great, easy to assemble. It even came with spare screws. What a great concept. We downsized and had to find a smaller table. It’s grear for our space.

  3. jb

    I have never before seen such great packaging or such easy to follow instructions. Even the hardware was packaged great. Instead of it all being thrown in a bag, it was actually blister packed. Each type in a separate place, easy to see, count and access. Besides that, the table is solid and well made. There are a few flaws in the wood on the top, but that just adds to the “farmhouse” feel and look. And I, a 79 year old lady, put it together, easily, by myself in a matter of minutes.

  4. Al RiversAl Rivers

    I was a little concerned reading some of the reviews but noticed most of the more recent reviews were pretty good. So I took a chance and glad I did. It came in pretty much perfect condition. It was packed very well and all the Styrofoam pieces were covered in a layer of plastic so no mess. It was easy to put together with just the legs to attach. All the hardware came in a closed package like you would find in a store not just a plastic bag. It comes with a regular L shaped allen key but they also threw in a nifty little allen key ratchet that made putting the legs on much easier and faster. You can tell they put a lot care into this. Thank you.P S. Just to let you know, you can fit 2 chairs on the long side of the table as well if you want that set up.

  5. Natasha O.Natasha O.

    This table was extremely easy to put together. I had it assembled in less than fifteen minutes. They even provide a nifty ratchet tool to make it easier.It looks and feels like a quality made table. It is somewhat light and will scoot around on a smooth surface quite a bit if there is no rug underneath. Despite its weight, it still feels sturdy and the hardware provided was heavy and well made.Appearance is great. I love the texture of the table top. It is quite narrow and would only be appropriate for four people due to it’s petite size. The only complaint I have with the appearance of this table is that the white is not as off white as some of the reviews mention and also the pictures of the item. It is somewhat off white but is not the antique look that I was going for (like the chairs in the pictures). That is just a personal preference though.Overall, this table is a quality item and I would definitely recommend to others.

  6. Lnm

    I purchased this not to use as a dining table, but for a desk. I have a finished family room in the basement that I’ve converted into a library, and I needed a desk with plenty of workspace without being too heavy to lug down the stairs by myself, or with only an 11-year-old son to help. The desks I was finding were all hundreds of dollars, had to be assembled, and were very heavy. So I decided to get creative and start searching for small tables instead, and this proved to be just what I was looking for.It was exactly the right size to fit in the space between the bottom of my stairs and the door from my family room to the unfinished basement area, it was light enough I could manage it myself, and the only assemble required was screwing on a few legs! I have lots of room for both my computer, and for writing and filling out calendars without feeling scrunched, even with desk supplies, a lamp, and a vase of flowers on the surface. I couldn’t be happier!

  7. Keeping God First

    This is a lovely, solid wood farmhouse table that is perfect for our small dining area. The sheer quality of everything inside the box took me by complete surprise. The manufacturer even went so far as to shrink-wrap the pieces of styrofoam packing materials so that we customers wouldn’t have a big mess to clean up after unpacking the table top and legs. Even the hardware came in an organized package, rather than jumbled up in a plastic bag. This was the most pleasant furniture purchase we have made in years, especially considering the fact that it only cost $101, whereas other tables of this size and quality (that we have seen while searching for the right one) were all either very expensive and/or part of a set. Thank you, Zinus, for providing such a high-end item at such a reasonable cost.

  8. Kleiber1Kleiber1

    This was a wonderful purchase, everything it promised to be: solid as a rock, nice and hefty with no wobbling, attractive stain, and looks very nice in my small apartment. The packaging was as secure as Fort Knox.Actually very easy to assemble. Anyone who can insert eight bolts with washers into pre-drilled holes and tighten them with the enclosed Allen wrench can put this baby together in fifteen minutes or less. Love this table!

  9. AshleyM.AshleyM.

    Cute little table. It is exactly as described and pictured in description. I have a very small kitchen/dining area, so this was perfect for us as a family of 4. Be aware, you definitely won’t be able to squeeze more than 4 people at this table though. Assembly was easy and quick. We have no complaints.

  10. SanibeljacSanibeljac

    There was only one review before I purchased this, and it was not flattering. I bought it anyway, because the only complaint was a very bad smell. I thought if we received it and it was stinky, we’d leave it somewhere away from the main living area to off-gas. I ordered it because I like the look of it and it’s for a small area. Well…we got lucky! No smell at all on the one we got. (My husband’s very sensitive to odors–many things including perfumes, hair sprays, scented laundry detergents etc make his eyes water and sneezing occurs) He put it together without any problems; took less than 30 minutes to get it out of the box and sitting in front of our window. I love the colors of the “wood” and the sleekness…I wish Zinus made some other items in this finish!

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