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About this item CLASSIC DINING ROOM TABLE: The warm wood seats and farmhouse-style tabletop create a sophisticated look with a casual feel, Seats six comfortably when chairs are purchased to complete this set CONTEMPORARY FORMS: Made of veneers, wood and manmade wood HANDSOMELY CRAFTED: Dining room table legs with dark brown stained wood tabletop and dining chair seats ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Easy-to-follow instructions, hardware and tools included

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10 reviews for – Signature Design by Ashley Owingsville Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Table, Black & Brown – Tables

  1. AA

    I bought the whole set including table, chairs, bench, and server. Altogether it was around $850, which is seriously a steal for a full dining set. I put all of it together by myself in a couple hours.The table is sturdy, does not rock at all, and I didn’t have to make any adjustments to get it level. It isn’t huge, but definitely sits 6 or more – it easily fits two chairs on one side, and the bench on the other side is long enough to sit 3 kids.I would definitely go for the full set, as the server is really nice for the price. The top drawer is lined with felt so it’s great to store silverware/barware etc. It makes a great coffee/wine bar for us and the shelf underneath is useful.The chairs were also a great buy, since most dining room chairs will cost you minimum $100 a piece. I had to do a few adjustments to make them level, but I’m not that handy and it wasn’t that difficult. Just had to raise the legs a bit before tightening them in.If just purchasing the table, it’s an excellent value. You may have a couple of dings/imperfections on the legs, but no one will notice those, and if you have kids those imperfections are going to happen within a week anyway. The tabletop was flawless.Highly recommended!

  2. K. Wyatt

    I scoured the web (Amazon, Overstock, Living Spaces, Ashley, Wayfair and everything in between) for a kind of rustic, farmhouse-y looking table that wasn’t too beat up looking or super expensive – this fits the bill perfectly. It did have some damage to the box which resulted in a small dent (~1.5in) on the table top, but it’s not that noticeable so I’m not going to hassle with exchanging it. I inspected the rest of the table and there was no other damage or dings. I was nervous to buy furniture online without being able to touch and and see it in person, but I’m glad I took the risk on this one. It’s a good, heavy table and so far is easy to clean and maintain. My husband and I are very happy with our choice in this table.

  3. DKGriffDKGriff

    This is a review for the set as a whole. For the price, this is an extremely nice table and if you can get it defect free and care for it lovingly it could easily pass for a 300-350$ table. However, Ashley Furniture is a terrible brand with horrible Quality Control and customer service.Despite whatever you read, this table does not have a warranty. For internet purchases Ashley leaves the warranty up to the resellers. They will not so much as send you a new table leg even if you just purchased it and the original leg was warped. Everything must go through the reseller (who may or may not exist when you need warranty support). You can pay for replacement parts from Ashley. However, even paying for replacement parts isn’t without risk…To give you an idea of how bad Ashley’s quality control is, of the two sets of chairs I bought for this set:1: The first set of chairs I got had warped screw holes and needed to be exchanged (see picture)2: One set had a slightly darker stain than the other set (see picture). Also, the wood wasn’t consistently routed between the chairs for the leg grooves (see comparison).3: The actual routing style on the bottom of the front legs was different between two sets, one was chamfered, one was round and smooth. (see picture)4: One set of chairs had the underside of them finished, while the other set didn’t (picture).5: Sometimes the bottoms of the legs on the chairs were painted, sometimes they werent (see picture).None of these things are deal breakers, but as a manufacturing engineer I can’t help but be impressed by just how bad their QC is. I feel like to get to this level almost has to be intentional.However, looking past all that, the table I got was perfect and almost a steal for the price I paid (190$). If you’re willing to roll the dice on potentially needing to swap out some damaged items, the whole set is actually a pretty good value for the price.For the rest of the set:Chairs – http://amzn.to/2a3YPyGBenchhttp://amzn.to/2a5PRe5Update: I’ve had the table for several months now and haven’t had any problems. Be aware that the wood is somewhat soft compared to other tables, so it can be easy to damage (IE: My benchmark, throwing a 6 sided die up in the air and it landing on the table on one of its corners will leave a tiny divet). I recommend placements and an occasional tablecloth to keep it looking nice. If you use it for board games, grab a huge sheet of plexiglass from home depot and lay it down beforehand.

  4. S. Wilson

    Most of the negative reviews for this table talk about it arriving damaged. Mine was not damaged but, be advised that this product ships in packaging that is by no means sturdy, especially for such a large, heavy package so it will probably come down to luck whether you get an undamaged one or not. You may have to return it and try again. I think I just got lucky.Thee table itself is pretty decent. Seems sturdy enough. Very easy to put together. Mine sits perfectly flat, no wobble. The white portions of the table have wood showing through the paint in some places. Whether this is intentional or not, it kinda works since it’s sort of a farmhouse design. It’s only noticeable when you’re looking at it close up.The top is a veneer. Looks pretty thin. No idea how it will hold up since I’ve only had it a few days. May update later. There are two blemishes in the surface of the top. One of them looks like a tiny dent filled in with wood putty before the finish was put on. I didn’t detract from the overall score because of this because they are very tiny (one about .125″, the other about .065″ in diameter) and again, they could be called character flaws. Acceptable for a $200 table.I’m happy with it initially.

  5. Cannoli the Samoyed

    Easy to assemble and looks beautiful!! Just as described. All pieces came in the packaging. However, the hardware was secured in a horrible way: stapled to the bottom of the table. So we had to wreck the bottom of the table to pry up the staples or else have these weird straps hanging down from our table. The top scratches kind of easily with anything metal, but it looks as though even with scratches it will look decent.

  6. NanaColleen

    This is just what I wanted, a solid, plain wood (or wood by=products & laminate) kitchen table. It did have a four inch scratch on the tabletop, but my grandson filled it in, and I put a tablecloth on it. For $200 it wasn’t worth returning. I love the appearance of most Ashley furniture, but their QA and Customer Service leave lots to be desired.

  7. Jake

    First of all, no one is going to confuse this with high end or heirloom quality furniture. That being said it’s a very nice looking, sturdy table at a pretty darn good price. Normally i don’t like buying furniture online, because it can be difficult to tell the quality through pictures. I decided to roll the dice on this one because it was actually a brand i’d heard of (we have other furniture from Ashley and are happy with it).The Pros are that it is very inexpensive and looks nice. It’s pretty sturdy and was pretty easy to put together. Shipping from Amazon was fast (1 day via UPS here in Southern California). Assembly was just screwing int he legs with an allen wrench supplied. The table is heavy so be careful flipping it over so that the legs are not damaged.The Cons: The only real issue is that the first table we received was damaged. There was a severe dent/gouge on one edge that protruded onto the top. The packaging was pretty secure but it looked like something sharp may have punctured the box and caused the damage. Either way Amazon sent a replacement immediately and it arrived and was assembled within 24 hours (again we’re in SoCal so shipping time may have been shorter). Either way, it was easy enough to replace that I won’t knock off a star from their rating. The damaged table went back on the truck that the replacement came on.Overall we are very happy with this table. We also got 4 chairs and a bench in separate purchases via Amazon and the overall cost was about $150 less than buying from Ashley directly.

  8. Nicholas C.

    Unlike a lot of other product reviews, my table arrived in good shape. It’s super easy to put together. It works great as a desk — 5’x3′ is a perfect size. I am using it with a large printer, 2 monitors on vesa, standard keyboard and mouse, and a desk lamp. Considering many desks this size are double the price, I am very satisfied with my purchase. There are pros and cons, however — a con is that the clamp for the vesa mount barely fits the table. It’s pretty close but is secure. A pro is that the underside of the table has buttresses/gussets that are perfect for cable management. So I’m very pleased with this overall.

  9. TCTC

    Awesome! Amazing! Thoroughly impressed!The pictures, the description and the previous reviews do not do this table justice. Ten years ago my partner paid $1000.00 for the same type of dining room table. Last week we paid less than a quarter of that and were blown away when the table arrived. It is a heavy, sturdy and well constructed piece of furniture that could be perfectly placed in any dining room or kitchen anywhere. It took less than 10 minutes to unpack and screw on the four legs and it was done. Many of our guests have commented on how beautiful the piece is. When we were notified that the table had shipped I emailed the company for the tracking information. Customer service not only replied with the tracking info, but also sent two additional emails updating us on its location and delivery day, and followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the table. Satisfied is an understatement. You cannot go wrong with this wonderful table. Thank you Mecor.

  10. CAW

    I purchased this table with the four matching chairs and the bench. It is completely adorable! I was leary at first due to the feedback about damage, but I didn’t have any damage at all and it looks even better than the pictures show. It is definitely more of an antique/creamy white which was what I wanted, so very true to the picture. I was concerned because it took awhile to ship, but when it did ship it was very fast and I did receive it a day before the original estimated delivery. I contacted the seller who was very responsive and gave me the ship date to alleviate my concerns. All in all, one of the best purchases I have made through Amazon, a truly nice dining set that I believe is solid enough to last many years without costing a small fortune!

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