– Best Choice Products 6-Piece 55in Modern Dining Set for Home, Kitchen, Dining Room w/Storage Racks, Rectangular Table, Bench, 4 Chairs, Steel Frame – Brown – Table & Chair Sets

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6-PERSON FAMILY DINING: Stylish, functional set includes a table, 4 chairs, and a 2-person bench, perfect for family meals or gatherings in your kitchen or dining area BUILT-IN STORAGE RACKS: Metal racks under the tabletop and the bench can conveniently hold books, board games, seat cushions, blankets, table mats, coasters, and much more THICK, SPACIOUS TABLETOP: The rectangular, vinyl wrapped MDF table top is cut extra thick to make it perfect for eating dinner, working on your laptop, or playing games with friends and family EASY TO CLEAN: Smooth table & chair finishes let you easily wipe them clean to take care of messes, so your dining set can maintain a new look through years of use STURDY & RUST-RESISTANT: Crafted with a durable, rust-resistant steel frame, this set is built to remain sturdy for long-lasting use; TABLE DIMENSIONS: 55″(L) x 31.5″(W) x 29.75″(H); Chair Capacity: 286 lbs. (each); Ships and arrives in 2 separate boxes. Delivery times may vary per box.

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10 reviews for – Best Choice Products 6-Piece 55in Modern Dining Set for Home, Kitchen, Dining Room w/Storage Racks, Rectangular Table, Bench, 4 Chairs, Steel Frame – Brown – Table & Chair Sets

  1. Mabel Denney

    I bought this as a gift. It arrived in two boxes that looked pristine. Chairs were in one box, and the table and racks were in the other. They put together the table first, but when they went to assemble the chair there was one part missing for each chair…the same part. It would give the 4 legs extra sturdiness. It was Memorial Day weekend but I contacted the company anyway and received a reply in less than 24 hours. I submitted the info they asked for and within less than 24 hours again they told me a new table and chair set was on the way and I didn’t have to worry about sending back the other one. No hassle at all! The new set arrived within 5 days! The part was going to take too long to get here so they chose to handle it in that manner. It was GREAT customer service from start to finish. That is often more important than the product itself! Product is great for the money! You may need to add puff cushions to chair to boost chair height to table height but that’s an easy and cheap solution. Economical, eye pleasing, storage with table and superior customer service found in one purchase. What’s not to like?!!!

  2. Ivellise77Ivellise77

    The first thing I have to say is that for the price I’m surprise how nice it looks and how sturdy it is. I ordered it last Monday and it arrived in 3 days on Thursday. Of course , being new I don’t have anything bad to say but even if it crumbled in pieces in 6 months I’m sure I’m gonna be happy still. About the people that said pieces don’t lined properly in place, maybe it’s because you tight the screws to early, that happen to me and I just had to loosen up the screws and re tighten when everything was in place. I recommend everyone with small space and in a budget to buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. NicholasNicholas

    This table came fast and seems to be great for the price. It is plastic with a textured wood wrap on it but personally I think it looks great. It was easy to put together and is sturdy my wife and I are more then happy with it. I would buy again and would recommend it.

  4. Hertz

    This is a great little set for the price. If you are concerned about any of these negative reviews, 99% of them are null and void if you can 1. Remember you have purchased a $300.00 set, not a $3000.00 set, 2. FOLLOW ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. That little dimple someone took a photo of? Yea, you got the bolts mixed up, there are only a few millimeters difference, easy to do. Not sturdy? Yea, you tightened things too early or unevenly, this thing is sturdy as a rock. You can’t “Push against the table to get up” without the table sliding……are you serious? Of course you can’t, it’s a $300.00 table. It’s not real wood? IT SAYS IT ISN’T in the description. Also, again, $300.00. It didn’t hold up because you let your little hellion children use it as a jungle gym (I’ve seen some of ya’ll in restaurants, I can’t imagine what you let them do at home), of course it didn’t. If any of the above sounds like something that would happen at your house, you probably do need to skip this item, and go ahead and save up about $3000.00 and buy something at the furniture store. If you are a reasonable adult human, there is no reason why this table won’t last you for years.

  5. Nicole CNicole C

    Ignore the mess in the pictures. You’re here for the table, not my messy house, right? Lol.This table and chairs are so nice. It absolutely does not feel like real wood. Seems to be more like laminated metal or something? But we were okay with that and enjoy this table.Just and FYI, the top of the table is not smooth. It’s got tiny little ridges that almost kind of mimic wood grain before it’s sanded.The table, chairs, and bench are all very sturdy and were easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend as long as you don’t mind that it’s not real wood and it’s not smooth.

  6. Madison E Russ

    So, first and foremost, this table was an actual nightmare to put together. Some legs/parts were bent, so the chairs were wobbly, and when I realized the table wasn’t wood — but this like, weird plastic/vinyl that just looks like wood — I immediately wanted to stuff it back in the box and send it back. However, it looks REALLY nice in our apartment and I love the bench/how many seats. The other thing I realized, with having a small child, the table is really easy to clean, has plenty of storage underneath for stashing away bibs or other things we need, and the table (because of the material) isn’t very hard/rounded at the corners so I’m not worried about heads getting bumped or doinked. It’s really functional for our purposes and again, looks really, really nice. I’d say for the price, it was a worthwhile purchase.

  7. Xiaoxu Wang

    The dining set are divided into two packages. Heavy ones. Very easy to assemble. Four kinds of screws. Different sizes. Easy to recognize them without making mistakes. The size is perfect in my 1000 sqft apartment’s dining area. 4 chairs plus a two seat bench. Everything was perfect. When considering the tiny dining set starting from $129 in IKEA, this dining set is a great value. Perfect for families. Very stable.Be careful when assemble the tables, I think the legs are facing to the opposite directions as shown on the brochure. Just a little confusing. You might also need to make adjustment on the chairs. Get the wooden seat screwed first, and then attach the metal legs. This could make it easier.

  8. BnBBnB

    This table looks great and fits perfectly in our eat in kitchen (ignore the ugly floors). The rug in the picture is 7’x5′ in size to give you an idea of the overall size of the table. Obviously not real wood and feels plastic/cheap, but it looks nice and serves it purpose. Assembly was easy and straight forward once I figured out the legs – since they weren’t labeled. Trust me, they are different and you will end up with uneven chairs if they get mixed up! Even with that mishap, assembly took less than an hour with an electric screw driver. I feel we made the right decision in choosing this table.

  9. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Overall: just put together the table and love it. It fits really well in my open kitchen and does have the appearance of wood although it’s a plastic material. Pretty lightweight but feels sturdy. Great value and easy to assemble. More details below.Packaging/Delivery: package was delivered faster than initially quoted by Amazon. Arrived in two large boxes. Both were somewhat heavy so would recommend a dolly or a second person to help carry. Every piece is individually wrapped in plastic and protected by Styrofoam so no damages upon arrival.Assembly: exactly enough screws are provided to complete the set so don’t lose any. Allen wrench is provided although I stripped it down to the point it was pretty much useless by the time I finished tightening the last chair. I would absolutely recommend not tightening the screws all the way until you’ve managed to get every screw into place. Some of the screw holes aren’t drilled perfectly in alignment so it required a little elbow grease to put into place. If you fully tighten screws on one side before securing the other, it might not align. I was worried about this during assembly but it all seems very sturdy now that it’s finished. If I have any issues down the line, I’ll adjust my review. Overall easy to follow the pictures for assembling and just like adult legos. Took me about 1.5 hours in total to complete assembly for table and all chairs.Quality: it’s definitely a plastic table and plastic chairs although some of the Q&A claim that it’s wood. It visually appears to be wood but you can tell it’s not when you touch it. This does have its advantages because the table, bench, and chairs are all very lightweight. Storage under the table and bench are nice features but not certain how much weight it could store. It will be great for large platters other lightweight items that don’t fit in cabinets.Other: the chairs and bench don’t all push fully under the table since they would bump into each other. The measurements provided are exactly correct but keep in mind that the space for the table and chairs should be wider and longer than just the table if you’re trying to fit into a tight space. I’d recommend adding an additional 8 inches on each side of the table if you’re trying to get a realistic expectation of the space it will take up in a room.

  10. Danielle

    I was hesitant to get this based on some reviews but I’m so glad I did. Of course it’s not real wood but assembled properly it’s super durable. Seems very easy to clean. One thing I’ll note is during table assembly do not tighten screws fully until all pieces are together or you may think they don’t line up with the holes, they do line up you just have to have all the screws in the holes before you fully tighten them. Definitely recommend for anyone looking not to spend too much money but want something big for their dining room.

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