Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table & Chair Set for Kitchen, Dining Room, Compact Space w/Steel Frame, Built-in Wine Rack – White/Brown Everything Else

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About this item SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: This dining set is functional yet unobtrusive, with chairs that fit perfectly to the table’s edges to make it perfect for any kitchen, dining room, or living room BUILT-IN STORAGE: Designed with a multipurpose lower shelf perfect for holding wine, food trays, and more directly under the frame ERGONOMIC BACKREST: Chairs are designed with a curved backrest to promote a healthy, comfortable posture; high quality also includes a 330-pound weight capacity per chair STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Table top and seats are built with durable engineered wood, both with solid iron frames for the reliable set to last for years to come COMPACT SET: 3-piece wooden table and chair set is the perfect addition to small areas, such as dorms and apartments, for an intimate meal with your favorite guest; TABLE DIMENSIONS: 31″(L) x 20.75″(W) x 29.5″(H); Table Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.
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10 reviews for Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table & Chair Set for Kitchen, Dining Room, Compact Space w/Steel Frame, Built-in Wine Rack – White/Brown Everything Else

  1. AwakeAwake

    I just needed a very small table and looked online and I came across this particular one and fell in love with it. I put it together myself with no problems. A lot of people complain about the middle section underneath the table part. It’s a wine rack. You don’t actually have to put it on there. I use it to put my vitamins in a basket and quite frankly, I am petite so I can put my knees underneath there very easily. It’s basically just to sit and have maybe a coffee or a glass of wine while somebody’s in the kitchen with you. I loved how the table was made I thought it was going to be really cheap. It’s very sufficient. Mine is more decorative, rather than for living in a small apartment and using it every day for my table. But I really think it would work wherever you are for a small place. If you are concerned about putting your legs underneath and not fitting just sit sideways and pretend you’re at a café! Smile and enjoy it ! Ladies , it’s adorable and I am so pleased! Like I said, you don’t have to put the wine rack in, just skip that part. I don’t put both of my legs underneath the table anyways. But if you absolutely need to put both legs underneath there I would say you need to be kind of a petite person. And if you’re not petite, just push your chair back a little bit and maybe just put one leg underneath and the other one out. For the price it’s worth it. As far as the seats, it fits great for my back it might not for others again because I am petite this works perfect for me. My neighbor came over, he is about 6 foot tall weighs about 150 pounds and thought it was absolutely wonderful. Neither one of us cared to have a cushion to sit on. But I suppose if you’re going to be sitting for a while you could just put a pillow down and sit on it for more comfort.This would be great for college students dorm room! You just can’t go wrong. I was going to buy the more expensive ones with a fancy marble tops and a high stools and then I just saw this one and said that’s what I want! I hope my little review helps. I love to sit down and have my coffee and my bagels and eggs in my little café table! I have a huge kitchen table I never use. I prefer this is so much more

  2. RasuRasu


  3. Gary W. PalmerGary W. Palmer

    This table and chairs fit perfectly in my one-bedroom apartment. I’m a single guy but I don’t like eating meals off a coffee table, while sitting on the couch, in front of the TV. This set greatly exceeded my expectations. It’s easy on the eyes and makes me feel like I have a bit of class. At least more than the average schmuck, living alone, in a one-bedroom apartment. Who knows, perhaps in the near future, I’ll share a nice dinner with a lady friend now that I have 2 chairs and a table. Prior to this, I had one chair and a small patio table that I bought on clearance at Home Depot. Upward mobility, that’s what I love about America.As far as assembly goes… It was very easy to assemble. In fact, I timed myself and it took me 35 minutes from the time I opened the box to having the table set up. No missing parts and no parts left over. Important… FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Don’t fly by the seat of your pants and if you’re not wearing pants, still… FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! They labeled the part bags based on the length of the screws. The instructions will tell you which screws to use and where to use them.I read the negative reviews and would like to address a few of them:Some of the reviewers complained about the center bars hitting their knees. That’s a valid complaint. If you look at my 2nd picture, you’ll see that my table has 4 horizontal bars and not 6. I used an angle grinder to cut off the 2 outer bars. WHAT?!!! Yes, that’s right! Wine rack schmine rack. Who needs an under the table wine rack? I ordered a cheap basket and now I have someplace to throw my mail instead of dropping it on the table. Mr./Ms. Manufacturer, take note: No one is going to use those bars to store wine and 4 are plenty to make the table sturdy. I’m 5’10” and with those 2 outer bars removed, I find sitting at the table quite comfortable.Some said the table and or chairs wobbled after assembly. This will not happen if you do 3 things. One, assemble the table and chairs strictly in the order stated in the instructions. Two, only finger tighten all the screws leaving about 1/8 inch between the screw head and the piece you are assembling. Three, only tighten the screws fully when you have the table/chair on a flat surface. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. After snugging all the screws down, I taped the two allen wrenches to the bottom of the chairs. In six months if I need to retighten, I won’t have to look for them.Some reviewers said the nuts pulled out of the wood (particle board) when they tightened them. Once again… DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Again for good measure… DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!I hope this helps you, the discerning Amazon shopper, make a decision on the purchase of this dining set. Sorry about the length of this review but if you’ve hung in this far at least you’ve learned a life lesson… DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! 🙂

  4. Dorothee Crawford

    Best compact breakfast table and very cool chairs that fit under all the way with rounded backs to hug the oval table top. We yanked out the heavy, space wasting dinette booth and opted for this cute set. Stays put when on the road, but to be safe we installed 2 eyelets so we could add a bungee. Fast, ex, this set is a snap to put together. I’m a senior lady and the whole set took only 30 minutes. Might not be ideal for a family who needs to seat more, but for one of two it’s perfect. Nice color too. Can’t beat this, all under $80!

  5. MimomMimom

    For just two, this table is perfect. Chairs are light-weight. Was worried about the tops sticking out for nothing, the backs are comfortable to lean against as well. Assembly was simple and took maybe 30 minutes. Just what I was looking for!

  6. Skull SquadronSkull Squadron

    This bistro table set was a gamble that worked out. I read all the previous negative reviews after I already pulled the trigger on this. When it arrived it came with easy to follow instructions, two hex keys and all of the needed hardware.It was stupid easy to build and set up. So easy in fact that I’m thinking that the other negative reviewers are inept in following instructions or using simple hand tools, or have zero concept on what happens when you overtighten the bolts especially when the nuts that the bolts go into are glued in to the wooden parts which by the way is actually well made particle board.The table and chairs are level and was packed very well when shipped.To sum it up I’m extremely happy that I now have a place to sip coffee or tea while watching the sunrise outside of my bedroom window!

  7. TerryTerry

    Perfect for the intended recipient and purpose. The recipient: My 78 year old grandmother insisted on this table vs something more solid with character like a small mahogany drop leaf when furnishing her assisted living one bedroom studio apartment. We can all agree…YES, It’s small, but that is exactly what you’re searching for or you wouldn’t be looking at bistro sets under $100. The purpose: She wanted a table for the occasional snack or breakfast like toast or oatmeal for one or to host a friend and have coffee or tea for two. Check and check. Sure kids could sit at this table but SO CAN average size ADULTS. kids tables are available with chairs MUCH CLOSER to the floor. The review of a woman claiming to be 5’3″ and the table or chairs hit above her knee is EXAGGERATING and probably upset she didn’t get something like an solid Mahagoney drop leaf, ie. receiving more than she paid for.I grabbed my tape measure before ordering and EVERY DIMENSION in regards to the table height, and seating height is PRECISELY THE SAME AS MY 6 PERSON OVAL SOLID OAK DINING TABLE HEIGHT FROM FLOOR TO THE TABLE TOP. The chair height measuring from the floor to the seat is WITHIN 1″ OF THE SAME HEIGHT AS MY SOLID OAK HIGH BACK UPHOLSTERED & PADDED CHAIRS.Using only the allen wrench provided with the screws I was able to assemble this table and two chairs in under 40 minutes occassionally glancing at the instructional photos for reference.Measurements were taken post assembly proved the original listing description to be accurate.I do not think a 6’1″ man/woman would enjoy having his pizza box take over this table leaving no room but on the box for his a beer BUT he could eat comfortably as he would seating at any dining table and feel confident in the chair’s integrity to hold up for many sit down meals for one to come.My grandmother is pleased with the product and its perfect for the intended purpose. I have no complaints on ease of assembly and the instructions. Table and chairs ARE THE SAME HEIGHT AS THE LAST FAMILY DINING TABLE YOU HAD A CIVILIZED MEAL AT.8″ padded cushions were purchased for an additional $17 for the pair on Amazon. Win win.

  8. LL

    I’m 5’9 with long legs. I did not attach the storage rack. The table seems perfectly sturdy without it and I can sit with my legs under the table crossed or uncrossed no problem. This set looks small (perfect for a studio apartment) but feels like a normal-sized table and chairs when you’re sitting down.Make sure to keep the bolts fairly loose until each piece is fully assembled. Place each piece upright on the floor to tighten the bolts. This will prevent wobbling after assembly.I had never purchased seat cushions in my life until I sat on these chairs. Since the seats are hard but not ergonomic, you will want them. 13.5″ round works perfectly.

  9. TaraTara

    I adore this little table and chairs!! It came with everything I needed to put it together. There were no missing parts or hardware. It came with an Allen Wrench to put it together, so no other tools were needed! The directions were easy to follow and there were pictures of each part and piece of hardware, which were just 2 different sized screws. I would suggest counting the screws before you start putting it together. It took my mom and I about an hour to put the table and both chairs together. I’m 55 and my mom is 76 yrs. old so it might not take others as long! Lol. This set is the perfect size for my studio apartment!! The chairs push all the way under the table and can hold weight up to 330 lbs. The table can hold 110 lbs. and looks so nice with a small vase of fresh flowers and a few bottles of wine underneath!! I highly recommend this adorable table and chairs, would buy it again in a heartbeat, and you can’t beat the price!! ❤️

  10. A. Reader

    Nice looking small two person dinette set for very small spaces. I am 5’10” and 200 lbs. and the set is perfect for me to have a small meal with my girlfriend, do paperwork or use my laptop. The wood is high quality for the price. The chairs fit flush under the table. Here are some pointers:- insert all screws into the particular pieces you are attaching. Then tighten. Do not overtighten.- do not be confused by the 2 Allen wrenches provided. They are the same size.- be careful not to scratch the coating on the frame.- it took me 20 minutes to assemble but I’m used to doing this type of assembly.

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